300 Million; It’s Time To Get Instagram Sourcing

Instagram has come a long way since Jessica first wrote about it back in 2012. They’ve been bought by Facebook, which was clearly a smart move as they’ve just passed 300 million users!

That’s more than Twitter’s 284 million and not that far behind LinkedIn. Like Twitter, it’s easy to engage and re-engage people making it very social. It also gives you invaluable insight into their interests and potential cultural fit whilst you become known and trusted.

3 Ways To Use Instagram For Sourcing Talent

1. Show Off Your Employer Brand

Instagram is one of the easiest ways to let people see into your company and the photos you create can be used on all of your social networks.

Personally, I think Marriott Careers have nailed it and so simply too. Lots of real time snaps and lots of faces!

Instagram Sourcing

And I love the ‘Where I belong’ series. These photos have been carried across to their Facebook page and can also be seen next to each role on their career site. Would that persuade you to apply?

Instagram Sourcing

2. Make Use of Hashtags

Like Twitter and Facebook, you can use Hashtags on Instagram to find people and to group your own images.

On the left of the image below, I ran a search for developers and easily found people to follow. As with Twitter, you’ll want to follow the social media etiquette. Ensure your profile is complete, because they’ll look at it when you follow them, and build trust over time through likes and comments. Remember to use their @username in your comments so they receive a notification.

On the right, several different Thoughtworks employees are using #LIFEATTW to group together their photos. In this instance, it’s more appealing than following a corporate account; you feel like you are getting to know a real person and seeing the true inside of the company. They’ve also added the hashtag to their bios on Instagram & Twitter, increasing its reach.

Instagram Sourcing Hashtags


3. Use IFTTT And Make Your Images Pop On Twitter

Without this secret recipe from IFTTT your Instagram pics will land on Twitter as a link and blend into the noise. Whereas using this simple hack, your photos will appear as images.

Head to IFTTT and create this recipe. When using Instagram you will no longer need to select the Twitter icon because all of your Instagram snaps will land on Twitter as an image (Therefore be aware of what you’re sharing or use a separate account.)

Instagram Sourcing

Get creative with your job posts. It could be as simple as a sign on a chair saying, “does this belong to you?” with a link directly to the role you’d like them to see. (Yes you’ll have to type the link into Instagram but it’ll be worth it 🙂 )

Will you be adding Instagram to your social recruiting armoury in 2015?

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Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier is founder of Winning Impression, since 2009 she’s been showing companies how to add social recruiting to their hiring methods and job seekers how to use social media to land their dream job. When not out walking her dogs in London UK, or indulging in her Instagram addiction, she can be found speaking and writing about social recruiting. Connect with Katrina.


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