3 Tips to Boost Your Email Recruiting Results TODAY

Email Recruiting Powerful Internet Sourcing Tool

Email recruiting can be a very powerful lever for generating candidates within your arsenal of passive sourcing tools.  While I think most of us can agree that email is still alive and kicking, many marketers that struggle to leverage it effectively for candidate development think its a dead resource.  So why not break it down.

  • A clear, concise, and slightly flattering subject line:  Don’t go overboard with the title.  You want your candidate to be able to see the incoming email notification on whichever devise they are using an know exactly what it is.  Make it easy as we all struggle with email management and technology overload.  I like using the world “world class” because it sets the bar that you are a “fan” of their work.  Does it work all the time?  Of course not, but its better then “here is a job offer for you.”
  • Your first paragraph should also be fact oriented.  A candidate is going to make 60% of their decision by the title, location, and the company you represent.  There is no real way around this and in my opinion unless the requirement you are working on is stealth you should offer the client or company name right up front.

Also, hiring managers sometimes use titles that are not industry standard.  If you are looking for a Systems Engineer but their requirements are actually more like a Pre-Sales Engineer then offer the candidate both titles : Seeking a System /Sales Engineer, etc.

Best Recruiting Practices

3 tipsDo not forget to include the location.  Especially in the U.S. its very difficult for people to relocate so most candidates simply have to stay close to home.  If you know your gig will requirerelocation be upfront about it and save everyone time.  You can see an example of my standard recruiting email to the right.

  • Here is the call to action.  Explain briefly why you pinged them from the companies perspective… they appear to be an industry expert, the company is growing rapidly, insert a sizzle line…but just one.  Finally, lower the barrier of entry for the candidate to respond.  Majority of candidates view personal emails on their smartphone.  Allowing a candidate to simply reply with a “Yes” will at least get them engaged.

Using time tested and best recruiting practices using email doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel.  You’ll internet source better candidates.  Focus on the most effective way to reach and gain the attention of your target job seeker resulting in better quality candidates and reduce the likelihood that you will be candidate fodder for ridiculous recruiting threads on social media. Photo Credit

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