3 Hiring Strategies That Assure a Right Hire Every Time

Why you should review review your hiring strategies

Managers often blame themselves when an employee is fired for reasons that can include under-performance issues or the wrong qualifications. Instead of blaming themselves, managers should review their hiring strategies and think about changing the way things are done in their office.

3 Hiring Strategies That Assure a Right Hire Every Time

Turnover rates are one of the biggest challenges for companies. Reviewing your hiring strategies and procedures on a regular basis can help specify exact problem areas that are in need of improvements. For example, you could reanalyze your hiring policies, use pre-employment screening firms and use department head expertise to help select the right candidate from the potential client pool.
First, it is worth re-evaluating your hiring procedures to find the fine-line between over and under hiring employees. In doing so, you can help stop two major problem points:

1. Having too many employees on staff and too little work that needs to be done.

2. Over-working the current employees because there are not enough people to cover all necessary work.

The consequence of either situation can be a high turnover rate. Over-hiring can cause employees who are constantly bored with their positions. This could potentially lead to higher resignations. Staffing cuts are another downside to have two many employees in the office. When sales coming in do not exceed payroll, unfortunately cuts must be made. Employees who are overworked often struggle to keep up with projects and end up making mistakes. They are also more prone to resigning out of frustration. Neither side of the spectrum is good for your business.

Secondly, invest some time in reviewing what type of employment screening service your company uses. You should be looking for an employment screening firm that has qualities such as a reputation for doing excellent work, provides accurate reports, and does their work in an realistic amount of time.

Finally, using your office’s current job description can help you weed out resumes that have lies on them. A department manager can review the job requirements for that position and evaluate the skills that the job posting is advertising for. If a department head looks over a few of the most qualified applicant’s resumes he/she can help you weed out those ‘exaggerated’ resumes and truly decipher the technical aptitude of a potential employee.

It doesn’t matter what job you are hiring for but remember the benefits of a pre-employment screening firm. Using this service and the three hiring strategies discussed, reviewing your hiring policies, making sure you are using a reputable employment screening firm, and having a department head look at potential employee’s resumes, will help your company save valuable time and money!

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