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What HR Needs to Know When Hiring a Contract Recruiter

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Picture this. You are the Human Resources head (manager, director, VP, whatever) of a mid-sized but growing company. You and your team are not recruiters but have always managed hiring of new employees internally on an as needed basis. Yesterday, however, the CEO called to let you know that your company signed a huge contract […]

Why Your Company Career Page is the Heart of the Employment Brand

Not too long ago, I wrote about the 9 channels of employment branding. Employment branding is one piece of your overall recruitment strategy. It is the most strategic part of your recruiting plans and activities. Employment branding incorporates traditional marketing strategies and uses them for the purposes of gaining trust, engaging and reaching qualified jobs […]

How Millennials Are Redefining the Workplace

As companies gear up for millennials in the workforce, middle managers are removing their beer goggles and realizing that their layer of the organizational chart may no longer be needed.  The biggest complaint read on Glassdoor.com?  Middle management is pretty useless, even at companies known for having great corporate culture.  Most middle managers aren’t natural-born leaders; […]