2 Miles from Disney World

Tips for a Magical Experience During Your Disney World Vacation

I love Disney World. It never gets old for me. I go every chance I get — and I geek out about it every time. I get updates on new rides, restaurants and attractions so I can be prepared. I know the ins-and-outs of the parks and resorts. And I know Goofy is definitely NOT a dog.

I’ve spent the past couple days attending the HR Florida conference in Orlando. I’ve had a fantastic time so far — met more great people, learned and refreshed my HR mind, and got to see behind the curtain of one of the greatest HR shows on earth. It’s a privilege and I’m beyond honored to be here.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those bloggers who can bang out a post immediately after consuming sessions. I wish I was. But my creative juices just don’t flow like that. So you’ll have to tune in next week for my wrap up posts.

What I can share now is the view from my room at the resort hotel. It’s absolutely beautiful! I have a fantastic view of Downtown Disney, Hollywood Studios and parts of EPCOT and the Animal Kingdom from here … not to mention the magnificent pool and golf courses too … But I can see Disney World from my room!!!

Did I mention I love Disney???

2 Miles from Disney World

So here I am only 2 miles from one of my favorite places. The temptation is to ditch something conference related and go to the World. Or postpone something related to my life back in Raleigh NC so I can stay a day or two longer and enjoy the World once the conference is over.

But I won’t do either. Because now is just not the time for that.

It occurs to me that we face this in our organizations every day. Projects we wish we were doing. Meetings we wish we were attending. Discussions we’d rather be having. The temptation to ditch or delay what is necessary in order to do something more fun or easy an all-too-familiar conundrum.

Don’t do it. Don’t abandon the necessary things for the desirable things. And never abandon either for what is right and/or essential. Why?

  • Someone’s always watching. I’m not just talking about getting caught or in trouble; I’m talking about providing appropriate examples. If you’re slacking, the people reporting to and working alongside you will think its OK for them, too.
  • Desirables don’t have deadlines. Usually, the fun and easy things we’d rather be doing don’t have any due date or pressure along with them. When we are ready and have true time for them, the desirables will be there.

Without a doubt, we all need down time and respite in our workdays and our work lives. And just like anything else we do, that requires proper planning and a little patience. Always be patient with yourself and the process it takes to get where you want to be.

So instead of having a tantrum or stealing moments that aren’t really going to give the full experience, I’m going to enjoy being 2 miles from Disney World with some of the best and brightest in my profession — and wait with anticipation until I get to truly vacation in Disney World again (about 450 days from now, but who’s counting?!?)

Be sure to follow all the great sharing from the HR Florida conference on Twitter and Instagram using the #HRFL13 hashtag — and read more about it on their blog HR Mouth of the South. Then get back to doing what’s necessary in your world.




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