11 Recruitment Marketing Videos That Show How Diverse Company Cultures & Hiring Is

As consumer use of video continues to grow, recruitment and employment branding teams are adding video to their existing job announcements, career sites and creating interactive employer YouTube channels. In fact 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video.

Video has been dominating my conversations as of late in terms of how to build trust with candidates but also tell stories about what makes a company unique. We are living in a candidate controlled job economy right now which means we have to work to woo not just our employees with attractive perk programs, time off and other benefit packages. We need to talk to perspective job seekers about what makes a company worth investing time. Video offers the best way to tell those stories beyond words on paper, texts or 140 character social media messages and tweets.

Employer Brand Video Challenges

Video is the toast of the town on social media with Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Live video. The challenge for employers right now is how to stay true to the organization’s culture and values while creating videos that are engaging and attract not just attention but the attention of a qualified and targeted pool of candidates.

Over the years, I’ve been a student of employer branding and recruiting videos and I’ve posted examples in previous blog posts that you can view by clicking here and here.

In this installment, we look at videos that are different, interesting and focus on telling a story that reaches a small versus viral audience of candidates.

We’re Different at Dropbox


Keeping it Casual at Betabrand


What Up? We’re Hiring…


We Are Classy About Diversity and Inclusion


Yes, We’re Hiring From Our Gray Couch


We’re Funny, Fun and Hiring for Sales Pros


The Perfect Social Media Viral Employment Video


Working at Tableau is Life Changing

This RockStar Music Interview Has My Heart


Creative Use of Twitter Job Cards with Video

What recruiting video have you seen that needs to be added to the list? Please share by leaving a comment below and I’ll update the list as we go.

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