100 Useful Job Search Tools for Recent College Grads

Graduating from college can be a great experience. It can also be a scary one, as leaving the comforts of a college campus and community for the real world can be a big shock. Part of that transition is finding a job that will utilize your new skills and hopefully start you on a successful career path. Here are 100 places where you can look to find a little help in getting the job you want.

100 Useful Job Search Tools for Recent College Grads


These sites offer jobs in a wide range of fields. No matter what you’re looking for you should be able to find something here.

CareerBuilder: CareerBuilder is one of the largest job search sites on the web and offers listings for cities and companies all around the nation.

Monster: Here you’ll find a great job search tool as well as a wide variety of helpful articles that can prepare you for the big interview or teach you how to make a resume.

Craigslist: While you may want to be wary of some of the listings on this site, for the most part they’re reputable and can provide you with some great opportunities.

 Indeed: This job search tool can be a big time saver as it searches through newspapers, other job sites, and company web pages to bring you listings.

LinkUp: Check out LinkUp to get job listings from over 19,000 company websites.

Hot Jobs: With this Yahoo! site you can post your resume, search through jobs and even save positions you’re interested in.

SimplyHired: This job search engine will scour thousands of sites to help you find just what you’re looking for.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn doesn’t just provide a chance to get your name out there, it also has networking tools to help you hook up with your contacts and find work.

Hound: One of the largest job search engines, this site offers plenty of results for your career goals.

TrueCareers: Post your resume and search through loads of job listings on this site.

College Recruiter: This site focuses on internships and entry level positions for recent grads like you.

Job.com: Register for this site and post your resume so employers can find you.


Are you graduating with a degree in teaching or in an education-related field? These jobs are designed to help you find work in schools and instructional facilities.

Education America: Use this site to find everything from guidance counselor positions to kindergarten teaching work.

Agent K-12: Here you’ll find job listings for administration, director and teaching positions.

Teacher Jobs: Look through the listings in your area for open teaching positions with this site.

SchoolSpring: With this tool you’ll be able to search by grade, location and type of job.

Teachers Teachers: This recruitment site is designed to help hook up teachers with employers in search of qualified applicants.

Ted Job: This site focuses on higher education positions, ideal for those graduating with a Master’s or PhD.

Higher Ed Jobs: From administration to college faculty, this site offers a range of higher education positions.

Education America: With over 18,000 jobs around the country listed, you’re likely to find something great in your area.

Teachers.net Job Center: Upload your resume to this site and search through the thousands of listings offered to find a job.

ABC Teaching Jobs: With thousands of K-12 jobs, this site is a great resource for teachers looking for work.

Curious? Learn about Masters in Public Health (MSN) programs online.

Science and Engineering

These job search sites will help you get great jobs in fields like biology, engineering, and more.

Engineer Job Search: This site offers a job search in energy, power plants, management and general engineering.

New Scientist Jobs: Find cutting-edge jobs in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and more on this magazine’s job site.

AEJobs: Here you’ll find a job search tool that combines both engineering and architecture listings.

Engineer.net: Search by city or zip code for the best engineering positions.

OneScience: Check out this site to find a wide variety of science related positions.

CivilEngineeringCentral: Sign up with this site to get access to thousands of listings for civil engineering careers.

BioSpace: Whether you want to work in pharmaceuticals, do behavioral research or something else entirely, you’ll find numerous bio-related jobs here.

LifeScienceJobs: With tools that help you search through leading research organization’s listings, this site can be an invaluable resource for biology degree grads.

ScienceCareers.org: The journal Science provides this job search site, with listings for everything from astronomy to virology.

Creative Professionals

Those with a creative side can find help getting work through these sites focused on design, illustration and web development.

AuthenticJobs: This site focuses on getting web and creative designers hired for a wide range of positions.

Company Meet Creative: Here you’ll find a simple search engine for design and development.

Coroflot: Use Coroflot to post your portfolio and hook up with potential employers through the job search features.

Aquent: Check out this recruiter to find work in design and marketing.

Art Job: You’ll find a wide range of art jobs on this site. Just register and search through the available listings.

Artisan: This agency works to hook up creative individuals with freelance work in their field. It can be a great way to build some experience for newcomers to freelancing.

How Design Job Bank: How Magazine offers this job search tool, ideal for those looking to do graphic design or web work.

Creative Hotlist: From photography to architecture, this site offers listings in every creative field out there, making it easier to find work.

Krop: Focused on hiring creatives, this site offers listings for copywriters, designers, web developers and much more.

Tech Careers

Whether you want to program video games or work on the latest nanotechnology, these sites are designed to help you find what you need.

Jobs for Programmers: Here you’ll find programming job listings for Java, Oracle, LAN networking, C++ and a whole lot more.

Dice: Offering one of the largest job searches exclusively for tech professionals, this site is an indispensable resource for recent tech grads.

Software Jobs: Always imagined yourself designing and programming great software? Fulfill your dreams with the job listings from this site.

Techie Crossing: This site offers tech-related listings from a wide range of Fortune 500 companies.

Tech Centric: Telecommunications, Java programming and system architecture are just a few of the fields that you can find work in with this site.

TinyTechJobs: Here you’ll get listings for jobs in nanotech, biotech, microtech and information tech.

ITJobs: Those looking to begin a career in information technology will get a leg up with the listings on this site.

ComputerWork: Find the high tech job of your dreams through this site, an affiliate of JobServe.

OdinJobs: This site will help you post your resume, search through jobs, and get your name out there for work in a variety of programming languages.


Finance and Accounting

Use your new money management skills in the jobs you’ll find through these job search sites.

Jobs in the Money: This search site provides numerous listings in accounting and finance.

eFinancial Careers: From equities to real estate, you’ll find a wide range of potential careers on this site.

BankStaffers: If you’re looking to work your way up the banking ladder, check out this job listing site.

BankJobs: From positions for tellers to branch managers, here you’ll find a range of banking jobs that can meet your skills and use your new degree.

Totally Financial: Check out this site for listings in insurance, finance, taxes and more.

Money Crossing: With over a million jobs to choose from, you’re bound to find something in your field on this site.

iHire Accounting: Here you’ll find exclusive postings of great accounting jobs.

Investment Jobs: If you got into an investment focused degree before the market downturn you may be kicking yourself now. There are still jobs out there, however, and you can start searching on this site.

Quant Finance Jobs: This site is focused on hooking up quantitative finance professionals with work.



Those graduating with a degree in nursing or health care can find related careers on these helpful sites.

Hire Medical: This site offers jobs around the country in fields like nursing, pharmaceutical sales and health care support staffing.

Nurse Universe: If you just got your degree in nursing, put it to use with the jobs offered on this site.

Ayatravelnursingjobs.com: This staffing agency can be a great place to send your resume and find employment opportunities.

Nurse Jobs: Search through this site to find jobs in a wide range of nursing specialties.

All Healthcare Jobs: If you’re looking for work in the health care sector, this site offers a range of positions for doctors and nurses.

Hospital Jobs: Finding work in a hospital just got easier with this site that offers jobs for nurses, pharmacists, lab techs and more.


Advertising and Marketing

Here you’ll find a great assortment of resources to help you get a job in the fast-paced world of marketing.

Advertising Crossing: Here you’ll find numerous job openings in marketing and advertising related work.

Advertising Job Search: Find a great position in advertising with the help of this site.

Ad Age Talent Works: Search through the listings on this site to find jobs in creative, multinational, and digital advertising and much more.

American Marketing Association: Use this association as a resource for finding your first real job in marketing.

TalentZoo: This site offers the latest news about advertising and marketing as well as loads of job listings.

Marketing Jobs.com: Through this site, you’ll get access to numerous marketing and sales jobs around the nation.


Put your smooth talking skills to the test with these sales job listings.

Sales Trax: Here you’ll find job listings, information about career fairs and much more to help you find work in medical, technical, industrial and financial industries.

Sales Jobs: Upload your resume to this site to get in touch with employers looking for sales employees.

Just Tech Sales: Combine your knowledge of technology with a great career in sales through the listings on this site.

Insurance Sales Jobs: Learn how you can become an insurance agent or find jobs in your area through this site.

Sales Careers Online: Check out the listings on this site to find sales jobs in a variety of fields.

Power Sales Jobs: This site focuses on selling energy, especially the renewable kind. Great for sales people who want to embrace their green side.

Software Sales Jobs: Get a leg up in finding software sales positions through the listings on this site.

Retail and Customer Service

Whether you want to pursue a career in these fields, or just haven’t decided what it is you want to do yet, you’ll find helpful job opportunities here.

CoolWorks: If you’re just looking for a fun way to spend your summer, check out this site. You may be able to find work at a resort or amusement park in a scenic location, helping you make money and have fun.

Customer Service Jobs: Here you’ll find job listings for employment centered around customer service, from receptionists to customer service reps.

Call Center Jobs: You can find a great call center job using the resources on this site.

Hospitality Jobs Online: Want to work in a restaurant, hotel or tourist location? You’ll find loads of job listings here to help you do so.

Job Loft: This site focuses on listings for food service, retail and hospitality.

All Retail Jobs: No matter what kind of retail you want to work in, this site will offer you listings from entry level to management.


If you want to go it on your own after graduation, these sites can help hook you up with clients.

BookALesson: With this site you’ll be able to more easily find and book lessons for everything from tutoring to piano.

Care.com: With openings for nannies, pet care, tutors and senior care this site can meet the needs of a range of job seekers.

Guru.com: Here you’ll find listings for all kinds of freelance work from consulting to web design.

GetAFreelancer: This site offers jobs in loads of fields as well as in places around the world.

Elance: Those with skills in web programming can find a large number of job opportunities through this site.


These jobs sites can help you find work in everything from aviation to the U.S. government.

Alumwire: Take advantage of the alumni network from your college and use their help to get a job.

USAJOBS: This site will help you find a job working for the U.S. government.

Net Temps: If you’re unsure where you’re headed or what you want to do, find some temp work here.

Jobs in the Office: Those looking to find work in an office setting will find a range of employment opportunities here.

Administrative Jobs: Here you’ll find a wide range of administrative jobs, both entry level and experience required.

AdminCareers.com: If you’re interested in working in administrative careers, this site can help you get started right.

AnimalJobs: This site focuses on getting vets and vet office employees hired.

Vet.com: Want to work as a vet or in a vet’s office? Here you’ll find animal-focused listings.

AVJobs.com: Here you’ll find a number of aviation related jobs.

Airline Career.com: If you’re looking to work for a major airline, check out the jobs available here.

H-Net: Finding a job in the humanities can sometimes be a trying task. This site offers some helpful listings to get you started.

Academic Employment Network: If you’re looking to keep your work close to campus, this site can help you find a great academic position in teaching or research.


Reprinted by permission of  OnlineUniversities.com

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell) is a workplace change agent, author and consultant focused on human resources and talent acquisition living in Austin, TX. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer and is a global speaker. She’s the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource and host of the Workology Podcast.

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    I found a great source of career advice. It’s actually a great little book and a fast read for those of us who are too busy looking to spend days reading up on this stuff. The authors teach you small steps that can keep you organized and help you build your network and resume day by day. My favorite tip- keep a list of 5 daily positives/accomplishments. I did this and found the next interview I went into I was able to talk with confidence about how I had been spending my time since my last job. Look it up-The Power of Small, by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval.



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